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Austin Community College offers a variety of opportunities for students become successful college-level readers and writers. Choose from a range of course formats and modes of content delivery.

Course Descriptions & Information

Integrated Reading & Writing Courses

Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW) courses are designed to offer a holistic approach to literacy education, combining elements of reading and writing into a single, cohesive curriculum. These courses often emphasize critical thinking, encouraging students to draw connections between their reading and personal experiences, current events, and broader societal issues. Integrated Reading and Writing courses do not count as college-level credit. However, they provide a foundation in literacy that is essential for academic achievement and effective communication, emphasizing the interrelated nature of reading and writing in all areas of learning and professional activity.

INRW Course Descriptions

INRW 0230

Integrated College Reading and Writing Strategies (2-2-0)

Integration of critical reading and academic writing skills. This course is not for college-level credit. Repeatable up to six-credit hours. INRW 0230 is a co-requisite course that will be paired with a college-level course. Prerequisites: as listed in chart below.

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INRW 0430

Integrated College Reading and Writing Strategies (4-4-1)

Integration of critical reading and academic writing skills. This course is an exit level developmental reading and writing course linked with INRW 0420.

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INRW 0420

Intermediate Integrated Reading and Writing Strategies

Students will improve their college reading and writing skills both in and out of class through integrated reading and writing activities. Daily and major writing assignments will offer students the opportunity to master the reading and writing processes and the critical thinking skills necessary to complete college work. Students will read and write for expressive, informative, and persuasive purposes.

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INRW 0340

Intermediate Integrated Reading and Writing Strategies

Emphasis on increased proficiency of comprehension skills, vocabulary development, and writing skills. Ninth grade reading level required. INRW 0340 repeatable up to six credit hours. A modified course is offered in a two-hour (0230) format.

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Corequisite Program Information

Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW)

The purpose of the INRW’s corequisite program is to prepare students success at college-level English classes. Corequisites courses offer an alternative to the traditional approach of placing students in preliminary developmental English classes or excluding them from college-level English due assessment methods that may limit their success.

Corequisite courses are a pair of classes taken simultaneously, where one serves as a support to the other. In this model, students enroll in a college-level course while concurrently taking a supplementary (INRW) course, designed to provide additional support and reinforcement of key concepts. The goal is to enhance understanding and success in the primary course by providing real-time support and integrated learning experiences, particularly beneficial for students who might need extra help to meet the demands of college-level coursework.

Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact our leadership for more information.

Placement Chart

Corequisite & INRW Placement

Not sure what course to take based on your scores? For assistance, please reference the Placement Chart and contact your ACC academic advisor. For additional assistance, consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact the INRW faculty leadership for more information.

Corequisite Course Details & Design

Exit Level + College Course

Corequisites are where students are concurrently enrolled in an exit-level Integrated Reading and Writing Course and an entry-level college course. For example, INRW 0340 and English 1301 or INRW 0340 and Speech 1301.  These courses may be taught by the same instructor or by two different instructors. These courses are interdependent with faculty collaboration. Successful completion of the exit level INRW will meet TSI Reading and Writing requirements.

Fast Track 8×8

Students must register for both INRW 0420 and INRW 0430 at the time of registration. However, INRW 0420 (Intermediate) takes place during the first 8-week session of the semester and INRW 0430 (Exit Level) occurs during the last 8-week session of the semester. Students must successfully pass INRW 0420 to continue to INRW 0430. This arrangement allows students to meet their TSI requirements in one semester.

Intensive Instruction

Students register for INRW 0420 who enter college with the lowest reading levels benefit from additional time on task to succeed. The intensive instruction format requires the students to take a lab course in addition to their three-hour reading course. The lab provides supervised practice and concept application for the students.

Intensive Instruction + College

Students register for INRW 0420 and Humanities 1301 concurrently. Despite entering college with the lowest reading and/or writing levels, students have an opportunity to access a college credit course early.


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