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Pathway to success in college-level coursework and the Texas Success Initiative (TSI)  requirements.

Integrate Reading & Writing

Having a solid foundation in reading and writing is essential to success in college-level coursework. 

Many students who enroll in college need scaffolding to succeed at this level. ACC is committed to eliminating barriers in the educational process by offering Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW) courses that provide students with the opportunity to gain the skills necessary for success in college-level coursework and completion of their Texas Success Initiative (TSI) reading and writing requirements.

Course Information

ACC offers corequisite courses that combine a college-level course with an INRW course.

We also offer INRW 0420 and INRW 0430 to prepare you to move from intermediate to college-level reading and writing and to meet your TSI requirements in one semester.

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Managed enrollment is open for INRW Corequisite Courses. 

Register for Integrate Reading & Writing (INRW) Corequisite classes by following the link below. Before filling out the form, ensure you understand which INRW Corequisite classes you need to enroll in based on your academic plan.

 If there are questions, please email

Corequisite Program Information

Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW)

The purpose of the INRW’s corequisite program is to prepare students success at college-level English classes. Corequisites courses offer an alternative to the traditional approach of placing students in preliminary developmental English classes or excluding them from college-level English due assessment methods that may limit their success.

Corequisite courses are a pair of classes taken simultaneously, where one serves as a support to the other. In this model, students enroll in a college-level course while concurrently taking a supplementary (INRW) course, designed to provide additional support and reinforcement of key concepts. The goal is to enhance understanding and success in the primary course by providing real-time support and integrated learning experiences, particularly beneficial for students who might need extra help to meet the demands of college-level coursework.

Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact our leadership for more information.

Corequisite Registration

Managed enrollment is open and in place for the Corequisite Courses. Students please fill out the Google Registration Form for Spring Corequisite Courses.

If there are questions, please email

Students, the following information must be accurate on your registration form. Any incorrect information can delay leading to not enrolling in your preferred course or any coreq course.

      • Please spell first and last name correctly
      • You must provide ACC email only. (We can not communicate without this address.)
      • You must provide your ACC ID number. (We can not enroll you without this number.)

If you have additional questions about INRW courses, contact:

Dr. Ursula Parker
Faculty Director of Integrated Reading & Writing
Composition and Literary Studies Department
Highland Campus (HLC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a corequisite?

A corequisite is when a student is required to enroll in a course at the same time the student is taking another course.

What is the difference between a corequisite and a prerequisite course?

While corequisites courses are taken concurrently; prerequisites must be successfully completed before another course is taken. 

Are corequisites required?

It depends. Corequisites are required for students who do not pass their Texas Success Initiative Exam and their scores place them at the corequisite level. Link to the course placement chart for more info.

Do I have to pass my corequisite courses?

Students must pass a corequisite course to continue to enroll in college credit courses that have reading and writing as prerequisites.

What courses are available as a corequisite?

At ACC, students who are unsuccessful on the TSI and whose scores falls within the range assigned to corequisites are required to take INRW 0340 or INRW 0230 AND  English 1301, Humanities 1301, Speech 1311, or Sociology 1301. For details, link to the course placement chart.

How do I register from corequisite courses?

Register for Integrate Reading & Writing (INRW) Corequisite classes with the information and links posted on this page (above).

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